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Frequently asked questions about our skylights in Melbourne

Elegant Skylights to Enhance the Look of House

If you are seeking cost-effective and eco-friendly ways of lighting your home, then installing skylights are the most productive way. Skylights allow natural sunlight to brighten up your room, hallways, offices, bathrooms and pantries. 

Why should l install a skylight ?

 There are various reasons, personal and individual to your particular situation. A skylight will definitely increase the light in your home during the day and even during the night. With clear double glazed skylights you can see the sky which can be very calming and appealing. They can also provide ventilation if required.

What type of roof is suitable for a skylight ?

Skylights can be installed on most roof types and pitches. For example, Tile, Corrugated Iron & Kliplok.

Do skylights leak ?

The primary cause of leaks is improper installation. Using a qualified skylight installer eliminates leaks by ensuring a proper flashing kit recommended by the manufacturer is used.

How long does a skylight installation take ?

The time taken to install a skylight can vary depending on the situation. However, most skylights are installed within a couple of hours.

What is the life span of a skylight ?

An acrylic dome will last approximately 15-20 years and a double glazed skylight will last much longer.

Why should l choose glass over a plastic skylight ?

Double glazed glass skylights are preferred because they are more energy efficient, durable, reduce noise and won’t discolour over time.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we agree to cover any faulty workmanship for ten (10) years following installation.

Will my skylight survive a hail storm ?

Acrylic domes are very resilient to hail due to their shape and construction. However, over time their strength will deteriorate and for this reason may eventually need replacing. Double glazed skylights include both toughened and laminated glass that will withstand hail in all but the most extreme circumstances.

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